Register statement

Customer and marketing register

1. Register holder

Pöytyän Koneistuspalvelu Oy
Koukkarintie 3
FI-21870 Riihikoski
Business ID: 2094017-1

2. Register’s contact person
Antti Sätilä
Mob. +358 40 725 3656

3. Register name
Pöytyän koneistupalvelu Oy –  Client and marketing register.

4. Grounds for maintaining the register
The person/company is a potential, future or current client, partner or some other stakeholder contact of Pöytyän koneistupalvelu Oy.

5. The purpose of handling personal data
The purpose of handling personal data is to manage customer relationships, execute the rights and duties of the clients and the register holder, as well as process the personal data in accordance of the Personal Data Act for the purposes related to online services or research activities, or for targeting the register holder’s and/or its partners’ advertising and/or direct marketing actions based on the customer data and through the register holders’ channels and services without transferring the personal data to any third parties.

6. Register’s data content
The register may contain the following client data:
· Name
· Email address
· Mobile phone number and/or other phone numbers
· Organisation and title
· Contact information of the organisation
· Communications log

7. The register’s regular data sources
The register is compiled from the register holder’s client database, public Internet sources and other possible public sources as well as based on the campaigns organised by the register holder. Address sources have mainly been specified, if they are different from those defined above.

8. Regular data transfer
The register holder shall not transfer the client’s personal data to any third parties, except to Finnish authorities upon request.

9. Deleting data
Data can be deleted upon the person’s request or when a client relationship has ended.

10. Data protection principles
Personal data is kept confidential. The data network and hardware of the register holder and its possible IT partners, in which the register is located, is protected with a firewall and other necessary technical measures.

11. Right of refusal
The client has the right to refuse the transfer and handling of their data for direct marketing and other advertising purposes. The client can personally unsubscribe from the emailing list at any time.

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Managing Director
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