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We care and get it right.
Our area of expertise is parts manufacturing, plate and welding work, heat treatment surface treatment, machining and assembly

Aurea Group

Aurea Steel Oy Ab and Pöytyän Koneistuspalvelu Oy (PKP Machining) together form a competitive engineering workshop entity, the Aurea Group, which deliver comprehensive services to its industrial customers. Aurea Group is a competitive engineering workshop entity with strong ownership-, customer- and production process synergies.

Our customers typically represent the marine and offshore, energy, mining, forestry-, pulp and paper, transportation, and defence sectors. Many of our customers operate in the Nordic countries and more widely in the international market. We meet the industry’s quality and delivery accuracy expectations and we create value and competitiveness together with our customers.

The group has totally 17.000  sheltered production space and heavy lifting capacity. 

We in Aurea Group have common production- and HSEQ-processes. On top of this, we share the same values with an energetic and enthusiastic approach the ”we get it right” -culture. The customer and safety comes first!

Our Services

We in Aurea Group have common production- and, HSEQ-processes. On top of this we share the same values with an energetic and enthustaiastic approach the ”we get it right” -culture. The customer and safety comes first!

Plate works and welding

We are known as the manufacturer of demanding welded structures and components.

Parts manufacturing

Our versatile and sturdy machinery and skilled personnel guarantee efficient and high-quality manufacturing of plate part


The expertise brought by experience of machining large and demanding products with tools are the cornerstones of our performance.

Heat treatment

Heat treatment is done in our own premises for most of the products that we manufacture.

Surface treatment

Our surface treatment will finish the quality product according to customer’s specification.


Turnkey partner for technical entities. We have expertise in performing assembly works.


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Aurea Steel’s main focus is plate works/welding/machining/assembly of medium to heavy weight products.

Aurea Steel Oy Ab
Tehtaankatu 10
FI-38700 Kankaanpää

Tomi Nyroos
Director, production and development
Mobile +358 40 721 0124

PKP Machining’s main focus is heavy duty machining of components from 5 to 120 tons.

(Pöytyän koneistuspalvelu Oy)
Koukkarintie 3
FI-21870 Riihikoski

Antti Sätilä
Managing Director
Mobile +358 40 725 3656