A renowned industrial mechanical workshop with roots from the 1960’s

Our production site in Kankaanpää, which has a total of 13,500 m² combined with over 100 tons of lifting capacity represents the top of the Finnish engineering workshop industry.

We respond to industry’s challenges by developing our operations and being part of our customers’ supply chain and ecosystem. At the Kankaanpää site, we offer a larger range of services. We are able to manufacture entities and provide turnkey deliveries to our industrial customers.

The professional staff, versatile machine park and equipment base complements the ability to meet the most demanding needs of our customers.

Our customers typically represent the marine and offshore, energy, mining, forestry, pulp and paper, transportation and defence sectors. Many of our customers operate in the Nordic countries and more widely in the international market.

Aurea Steel Oy Ab’s operation is certified according to following standards: ISO 9001 quality standard, ISO 3834-2 welding standard, ISO 14001 environment standard and ISO 45001 work safety standard.

Aurea Steel Oy Ab’s main owner is PKP Machining Oy.

  • Aurea Steel

Aurea Steel Oy

  • In Kankaanpää, 55 km from the Finnish West-Coast line
  • Founded 2019 (continuation of Kankaanpää Work Ltd’s operations).
  • 13,500 m² of sheltered production space / the entire site is 6,9 ha
  • Extensive lifting capacity / over 40 various types of cranes
  • Heavy and medium-heavy and heavy weight products, plate works and welding, machining engineering, assembly and turnkey deliveries

Parts manufacturing • Plate works and welding • Heat treatment • NDT• Machining • Surface treatment • Assembly • Turnkey deliveries

For us, quality means carrying out all projects in accordance with the customers’ requirements and desired delivery times. By investing in quality, we can contribute strongly to the smoothness of the customers’ business operations.

In our quality control, we take advantage of modern measurement devices and continuously develop our quality-monitoring methods.

Our operations are certified in accordance with the following standards:


  • ISO 9001 quality standard
  • ISO 3834-2 welding standard
  • ISO 14001 environment standard
  • ISO 45001 work safety standard

We have a range of calibrated and qualified measurement tools, e.g. we use the Metronor 3D -camera measurement system.

Aurea Group - Certificates

Aurea Group | Aurea Steel - Kankaanpää

Parts manufacturing

Our versatile and sturdy machinery and skilled personnel guarantee efficient and high-quality manufacturing of plate part and we are specialized in cutting plates thicker than 5 mm.

In Kankaanpää we have the unique experience in manufacturing of tubular, cone shaped, variably curved and trumpet shaped plate parts. We have also special know-how in manufacturing spherical or saddle shaped plate parts by cold forming or hot forming.

Plate works and welding

We are known as the manufacturer of demanding welded structures and components. Welding and coating of different metallic materials are familiar to us.

There is over 7 500 m² of warm and well illuminated area to be used for plate and welding work in our factory building, with 12 m lifting height. Depending on the workpiece, we can manufacture and handle products up to 100 tonnes of weight. Well qualified welders and submerged arc welding stations are the key resources of our welding production. They, together with high-capacity welding positioners guarantee the best quality and productivity.

We have a wide range of certificates for material welding and various material combinations.

Heat treatment

Heat treatment is done in our own premises for most of the products that we manufacture. We are able to perform heat treatment for very large products and with various heating programs.



We machine pieces up to 120 tonnes.

The expertise brought by long experience of machining demanding products with our numerical machine tools are the cornerstones of our performance. We are also familiar with tooling of different metallic materials and we machine pieces up to 120 tonnes.

The efficient boring and milling machines and horizontal lathes are our key machine tools. The deep-hole boring devices of the boring machines reach a hole depth of 3-5 meters. Our boring and milling machines are CNC controlled and have dimensions up to 14,7 m x 6,0 m. The CNC controlled horizontal lathes are equipped with rotating tools and a grinding unit and is able to perform turning of products having a diameter of up to 8,2 m.

We have invested in Burkhardt+Weber horizontal machining centre in Kankaanpää. There are only two machines worldwide having the same kind of features. This fully automatic machining centre is especially suitable for serial manufacturing and demanding parts requiring high level of precision. The machine tool is equipped with an additional tool magazine for Wohlhaupter boring tools exceeding diameter of one meter. Due to the rotating table, the machining is performed typically in one setup. Typical products manufactured with this machine tool are gear box cases, machine frames and various kind of machine parts.


Surface treatment

Our surface treatment will finish the quality product according to customer’s specification.

We perform washing also with a steamer, blasting with steel or slag and spray painting according to a specified program.

There is 1 650 m² of floor space that can be used for the surface treatment.

  • Paint shop 480 m² with 16 t lifting capacity
  • Washing and preparation hall 480 m²
  • Steel blasting chamber 14 m x 5 m x 3,5 m
  • Sand Blasting hall 10 m x 30 m x 5 m


Turnkey partner for technical entities

We have expertise in performing assembly works. We serve our customers in accordance with the desired delivery scope whether it’s an individual part or a larger ready to use device. Our qualified technicians perform mechanical, hydraulic and electrical assembly works.

According to customer requirements, we will take care of surface treatment, testing and documentation, as well as inspections.

In addition to series production, we manufacture different kinds of prototypes in co-operation with our customers.

At the site we have a wheeled platform for transportation of 80 tons.
Delivery accuracy, high quality and zero accidents is our priority!