Contract manufacturing and metal fabrication

Solid expertise since 1998

PKP-Machining (Pöytyän Koneistuspalvelu Oy) is a metal fabrication shop. The company, based in Riihikoski, specializes in chip removal for medium and heavy weight pieces. In addition to heavy CNC machined pieces and bespoke small series, PKP Machining offers manufacturing of prototypes and repair machining, putting solid expertise at your disposal.

Our products and metal fabrication engineering services are used in many fields, but our strongest special expertise lies in the CNC boring of large pieces, milling, and deep-hole boring. Our modern machine base, composed of sturdy units for demanding applications, enables us to machine pieces of up to 120 tonnes. Capabilities, which ought to justify us calling ourselves an industrial metal fabrication parts manufacturer.

Our repair machining service includes sleeving, build-up welding of shaft journals, metal spraying, and the manufacture of spare parts. We have extensive competence in machining various materials: we machine stainless and acid-proof steel, copper, aluminum, and wear-resistant grades of steel.

The company can deliver even more extensive part entities with the assistance of its established co-operation network in a flexible and high-quality manner.

Aurea Steel, which also is part of Aurea Group, is a mechanical workshop with an additional 13,500 m2 och production area.

PKP Machining in a nutshell

  • In Riihikoski, 45 km from Turku (Åbo)
  • Founded 1998
  • 3 500 m² production space
  • Lifting capacity up to 120 tonnes
  • Machining of medium-heavy and heavy weight piece

Machining • Component manufacturing and fabrication • Assembly • Heat treatment and NDT • Surface treatment • Turnkey deliveries

For us, quality means carrying out all projects in accordance with the customers’ requirements and desired delivery times. By investing in quality, we can contribute strongly to the smoothness of the customers’ business operations.

In our quality control, we take advantage of modern measurement devices and continuously develop our quality-monitoring methods.

Our operations are certified in accordance with the following standards:


  • ISO 9001 quality standard
  • ISO 14001 environment standard
  • ISO 45001 work safety standard

We have a range of calibrated and qualified measurement tools, e.g. we use the Metronor 3D -camera measurement system.

Aurea Group - PKP-Machining - Tuotantotilat


Extensive expertise on various materials and machining methods

Our spacious 3,100 m2 machining hall offers a lifting height of 12,5 m and lifting capacity of 120 tonnes.

The load-bearing capacity of the circular tables of our modern CNC boring machines is 15 and 50 tonnes. They are excellent for flexible machining of demanding and heavy pieces.


Plate works and welding

We offer a high-quality and finished welding result, thanks to our certified welders, broad experience, and diversified expertise.

At our site in Kankaanpää we are able to perform extensive welding works.

There is over 7,500 m2 of warm and well illuminated area to be used for plate and welding work in our factory building, with 12 m lifting height. Depending on the workpiece, we can manufacture and handle products up to 100 tonnes of weight. Well qualified welders and submerged arc welding stations are the key resources of our welding production. They, together with high-capacity welding positioners guarantee the best quality and productivity.

Learn more about our custom welding and fabrication services.

Parts manufacturing

Our versatile and sturdy machinery and skilled personnel guarantee efficient and high-quality manufacturing of plate part and we are specialized in cutting plates thicker than 5 mm.

In Kankaanpää we have the unique experience in manufacturing of tubular, cone shaped, variably curved and trumpet shaped plate parts. We have also special know-how in manufacturing spherical or saddle shaped plate parts by cold forming or hot forming.

Learn more about our capabilities as an industrial steel fabricator.

Heat treatment

The heat treatment is performed at our Aurea Steel site in Kankaanpää.

You can read more about our heat-treating services here.

Surface treatment

A natural part of the manufacturing process is surface treatment. In Aurea Group’s case, this is performed at our Aurea Steel site in Kankaanpää.

Explore our vast opportunities concerning metal surface treatment here.



We are a turnkey partner for technical entities. Our qualified technicians perform mechanical, hydraulic, and electrical assembly works.

You can learn a lot more about our industrial assembly services here.


Our machine and equipment base

Our machine base is modern and versatile, meeting the needs of even the most demanding customers.

We use modern CNC boring machines. Both floor- and table type boring machines use Heidenhain iTNC 530 control and have automated tool changer. For computer aided manufacturing we use for NC-programming EDGE-CAM software. Deep hole drilling is available for up to 5 meters.

In addition to boring machines, we have a versatile selection of machines and equipment suited for machining of various metals. The machine and equipment base in both Riihikoski (3 500 m2) and Kankaanpää (13 500 m2) constitute a large variety of machines and tools.


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