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We are seeking for professional machinists


We are seeking for professional machinists

Aurea Steel Oy Ab and Pöytyän Koneistuspalvelu Oy (PKP Machining) together form a competitive
engineering workshop entity, the Aurea Group, which deliver comprehensive services to its industrial
customers. Aurea Group is a competitive engineering workshop entity with strong ownership-, customer-,
production process synergies. On top of this we share the same values with an energetic and
enthusiastic approach the ”we get it right” -culture. The customer and safety comes first!




To strengthen Aurea Group sales team

Technical salesperson

We offer you interesting, independent work with existing and new international customers.
Our services are aimed at many industries, such as offshore, forestry, pulp and paper industry, energy, mining, transport and defence.

One of your most important tasks is to serve customers in the best possible way and to grow our sales profitably. We expect you to have expertise in products which the technology industry needs, such as raw materials, parts, components, accessories and machinery, good customer service skills and sales expertise.

You are mainly responsible for preparing tenders for Finland and Europe. You act as an advisor and consulting partner for our customers and as a link between sales, production and design.

We wish from you:
• customer service spirit, experience in technical sales
• good knowledge of Finnish and English
• independent, goal-oriented and outward-looking attitude
• technical education
• own car and readiness to travel weekly in Finland and abroad

You will receive extensive orientation and support from colleagues, and active management.
The job description will be adapted according to your skills and education. You will be part of a growing and developing team at both Pöytyä and Kankaanpää.


Further information on vacancies can be found at:
Antti Sätilä +358 40 725 3656



We are seeking for professional


to join our team.


Your main responsibilities is to CNC-program and operate for individual items in two shift. The
positions are all full-time and permanent. Your employment is located in Kankaanpää or Pöytyä,
if needed we can organize an apartment for you during your stay in workdays or as full-time. The
salary in the position is agreed separately based on your salary desire and previous experience on
the field. There is also the opportunity to operate with an entrepreneur-based contract if preferred.

We appreciate previous experience from the field of machining and/ or a degree of machining. You
will succeed in this position with a professional attitude and will benefit from learning and absorbing
new tasks efficiently.


Additional information of the position is given by
Antti Sätilä, +358 40 725 3656


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