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A productive and flexible machining center Ibarmia Star ZVH45 L1500 to Pöytyä


A productive and flexible machining center Ibarmia Star ZVH45 L1500 to Pöytyä

PKP-Machining is supplementing its machine base with a highly productive and flexible machine tool that complements the current machine capacity. The new Ibarmia Star ZVH45 L1500 machines even complex parts automatically. PKP Machining was looking for an efficient machine with the ability to handle a wide range of parts for its needs. This Ibarmia ZVH offers 5-axis machining capabilities for a great variety of applications and its high technology meets broad range of requirements.

Ibarmia has a 33.5″ x 59″ static table and 31.5″ diameter rotating table, ± 105° B-axis swivel head and 12,000 rpm spindle.


Ibarmia is a productive and flexible machine that efficiently machines complex parts


Esa Pekka Salmi (MTC Flextek) has installed a new 5-axis Ibarmia machine tool at Pöytyä and talks about the machining advantages of the machine to the Managing Director Antti Sätilä.

The Spanish family-owned business Ibarmia is known for its large and efficient machine tools. In addition to power and capacity, the machines have the advantage of extensive customization and modification capabilities. Ibarmia understands that even small changes in the machine can change the machining for the customer much easier and more efficient. MTC Flextek represents all Ibarmia’s services, including machine sales, maintenance, remote support and spare parts services, and the machine delivered to Pöytyä is the first machine of its size in Finland. The Ibarmia Star ZVH45 L1500 was premiered at the MTC Flextek Showroom, from where it was transferred to Pöytyä.






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