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Large part CNC machining

New machining capacity leads to better large part machining services

At our manufacturing facilities in Riihikoski, we have invested in new machining capacity and can now manufacture components weighing up to 120 tonnes. Our new, custom-made BOST VTL 68 CY vertical lathe has turning capability in dimensions up to 8.2 meters in diameter and 5.4 meters in height from all common materials. Y-axis with 5.4 meters movement and live tooling with 5-axis milling head enables machining of almost unlimited number of forms.

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Spacious facilities support large part CNC machining

In the same production hall as the new lathe, we have 120 tonnes of lifting capacity and 1,000 square meters of free space with 12.5 meters of effective height. The hall is warm and dry and is free to be used for example assembling, welding or storing.

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The hall and lathe assembly is completed and full production readiness was achieved in April 2017. Below you’ll find images from the construction of the hall and assembly of the new lathe.


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